Obama Proposes Alaskan Wildlife Refuge Expansion


The Associated Press reports that President Barack Obama intends to extend the Alaskan Arctic Wildlife Refuge.

He plans to add 2.3 million acres to the refuge including some of the most oil-rich land located in the Alaskan wilderness. The initiative is upsetting local authorities and being perceived by conservatives as a massive Federal land seizure.

The initiative is likely to face a strong opposition from the Republican-controlled Congress. US Rep Don Young, a Republican senator from the state of Alaska, had introduced a bill earlier this year to allow drilling on the preserve.

It seems that Obama’s statement on the matter might be more symbolic than an intended move says eleicoes2014.com. The fact of the matter is that the preserve is one of the last portions of the wilderness that remains untouched by human hands and is something that needs to be preserved for future generations, and nature enthusiasts like Zeca Oliveira, to enjoy.

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