Odd Facts About Lip and Mouth Health Issues

A person’s lips is the part of their anatomy that is often the focus of attention. The lips and mouth beckon our eyes, our fingertips even our own lips, but the lips and mouth hold a few secrets of their own.  This is the list that Dr. Rod Rohrich follows, as well as recommends.

* Cracked, scaly lips are a sign of Sarcoidosis, a serious inflammatory disorder.
* Nutritional deficiencies, as well as cold weather, can cause dry, chapped lips.
* Allergic reactions often present first with swollen lips.
* Blue lips can indicate a low oxygen level in the body or a dip in the body’s core temperature.
* Cold sores, caused from the Herpes Simplex virus, cause lips and inside of mouth to tingle and burn just before a sore manifests.
* A constant burn inside the mouth can indicate thrush.
* White or grey patches inside the mouth can indicate thrush, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.
* Swollen, red gums indicate a dental problem, like gingivitis.
* A dry mouth is usually caused by the taking of certain types of medicine. It can also be caused by drug use.
* A black tongue is usually caused from smoking or other type of tobacco usage.
* A white tongue can be caused from using a mouthwash which contains peroxide.

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