OneLogin Invents Security Measures against Hackers

OneLogin was established in 2009. Its founders are Thomas and Christian Pedersen who are brothers. The duo operates from California. OneLogin enables its users to search and learn information for their businesses. It also has cloud settings that enable their clients to store their data systematically.

Moreover, it also enables its users to access personal social media accounts which they can merge with their OneLogin accounts for increased productivity for their businesses. The brothers have managed to open other offices in different parts of the world. The expansions have provided them with more extensive markets for their operations. They can now attend to clients online without having to interact with them physically on a personal level. Clients, on the other hand, save on costs that they would have used to send business representatives to gather information for them. This has been solved by the invention of OneLogin.

OneLogin has been able to protect their systems from hackers who breach the privacy of their operations. Some of these hackers have been their former employees. The company has, therefore, tightened the activities run by the human resource department and the information technology. Monitoring their operations this way and helped in enhancing accountability for their data which sometimes contain private information.

Blocking systems for ex-employees has also been effective in preventing hacking and breach of privacy. Employees once logged off the company’s system cannot access their systems anymore. Applications such as Security and Information Managers have also been adopted by the company to enhance maximum security. This invention blocks the former employees from accessing digital information stored on their servers.

The Human Resource Management department has it as its role to ensure that all employees who transfer to other jobs outside the company are cleared. They also have to ensure that their profiles are taken down. The Information Technology department should, on the other hand, ensure that the passwords and other information used for accessing the company’s departments are changed. This should be done every time an employee leaves the company. Privacy and accountability are key factors to consider for any business to grow.

OneLogin has continued to thrive despite the setback that their company encounters along the way.

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