OSI Industries: Became Quite Popular And the Expansion

*A Closer look at OSI Industries:

OSI Group is an organization that currently services the food industry. OSI Group is headquartered in Illinois. The organization has a long history dating back to the early 1900’s. The company was started by an German Immigrant and it rapidly expanded over the years. The company established themselves as Otto & Sons and the name is still used to day the only difference is that the name is abbreviated by using initials.

OSI became quite popular and the expansion and growth the company experienced was due to the Kolschow Family. The organization offered top quality meats at a reasonable cost. In addition, it seemed that clients were more than happy to deal with The Kolschow family.

By the mid 1950’s OSI finalized a deal with Mc Donalds Corporation. In the 1950’s Mc Donalds was virtually unknown however, they were beginning to build a successful fast food business. Mc Donalds struck a lucrative deal with OSI which assured the company that Mc Donalds would only purchase meat products from OSI Group.

*New Discoveries/ Company expansion:

OSI was one of the first companies to experiment with liquid nitrogen freezing. This was a new way of preserving meats so that the meat would not spoil or discolor. When meat was frozen it could be stored for months and simply be defrosted. Throughout the 1960’s OSI continued to expand and open additional meat packaging plants.

In the early 1970’s OSI opened up a high powered meat plant within the the West part of Chicago. This particular plant had a variety of mechanisms that made the liquid nitrogen method of meat preservation a great deal easier. It was about this time that Otto & Sons officially changed its name to OSI.

By the year 2000, OSI entered into an exclusive agreement with the Best Chicago Meat Packing Company. It seems this agreement produced some lucrative profits as well as additional company recognition. Organizations affiliated with Best Chicago began to contract exclusively with OSI to purchase their meat products. OSI has a reputation for providing exceptional quality meats as well as efficient customer service handling.

Today, OSI has packing plants in Chicago, California, Wisconsin, Utah as well as in the Eastern region of Europe. The company supplies meat, bacon, hot dogs, pizza as well as select pork products. To learn more about us: https://osigroup.jobs.net/ click here.

OSI Has received the Health & Safety Management Award numerous times over the past three decades. In addition, OSI has acquired another very lucrative client within the past decade. Starbucks now purchases several meat and pork products directly from OSI Industries.

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