Outdoor Activities Enthusiast Andy Wirth Is Now Chair Of The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Andy Wirth is a man who has fun at his job, keeping the great white slopes of the mountains around Lake Tahoe maintained and ready for travelers to ski on. But now, according to the Sierra Sun, he also holds another job as Chair of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

According to WSJ and Ironman, Andy Wirth is excited about this position, as he and 3 other new members are ready to help lead the way for airlines to bring in more tourists. Wirth believes that air travel is one of the most vital areas for the local economy, and helping get more flights to the area will help grow tourist businesses.

Andy Wirth has overseen the Squaw Valley Ski Resorts for quite some time, and has invested a lot in the upkeep, lodging, and transportation to and from the resorts. He is currently having a gondola that’s in the works for transporting skiers in between the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows slopes, and Wirth is hopeful the Placer County Board will approve it soon.

Wirth hasn’t always had an easy time running his resorts, and at one time a group of locals wanted to have the locale that Squaw Valley Resorts is based in, turned into an incorporated town that would have the say over the area’s activities. Wirth, while sympathizing with the cause, fought against it as he believed it would have had a bad economic impact.

Wirth is also a philanthropist who has joined some causes that have been dear to his heart. One of them is a Crowdrise fundraiser that benefits the Navy SEALS foundation. Wirth started this page because a few years ago after he was involved in a sky diving accident, he befriended a group of Navy SEALs during his recovery period, and has helped put together iron man teams consisting of those servicemen.

He’s also been featured on Undercover Boss, a TV show where he has gone undercover as an everyday employee at Squaw Valley to find out what it’s like for his employees in everyday life.

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