Paul Mampilly the Investment Wonder

Paul Mampilly is the author of an investment newsletter, “Profits Unlimited”. In this newsletter Mr. Mampilly focuses on a certain investment and explain why he recommends it.

Profits Unlimited, is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and has been in circulation for over a year; it is a successful newsletter because amateur as well as seasoned investors trust Mampilly’s advice about investing. When he turned $55 million into $88 million in 2009 and won the Templeton Foundation’s investing competition, during the lowest time of the recession, he caught the attention all investors, from newly aspiring to the industry experts.

He makes the newsletter very detailed and useful which is another reason for its success; ensuring that he writes in a manner that new investors will understand. Helping people to achieve success is his passion. After the subscribers read his newsletter, they can then visit his website and trade stocks. Eighty five percent of his recommended stocks remain profitable, with one gaining a 150% increase.

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Unlike traditional brokers, Mampilly prefers to empower his readers to be able do their own investing; by using the newsletter as a tool to train them how to be smart at investing and in control of their own brokerage accounts.

Mampilly’s monthly briefings are much appreciated by his readers as well; sending customer’s trade alerts when it is a crucial time to make a trade. It is easy to do trading by either phone, tablet or computer. After a trade has been made, Mampilly will keep the investors up-to-date with how it is doing, he has a whole team of friendly and informed customer service agents who are able to walk an investor through any steps of the trading process that may be confusing or difficult.

At a young age, Paul Mampilly came to the United States from India. For over twenty five years of experience he has been a financial success on Wall Street. In 1991, he started his career at Deutsche Bank. He became successful and was soon managing small accounts and larger accounts with millions of dollars in them. He also has management experience with the Royal Bank of Scotland. He worked for Kinetics International Fund, until realizing he could be an asset for their hedge fund, which thrived under his leadership.

Even though he officially retired at the age of 42 to spend time with his family, he still continues building his legacy through his newsletter, Profits Unlimited and the website. He has been awarded many awards, including the highly prestigious Templeton Foundation’s competition. He is still making appearances on television and talk shows, as well as being featured in newspaper and magazine articles.

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