People Are Going Gaga Over Fish Tacos This Summer

As the official start date of summer approaches, an increasing number of people are loving fish tacos. The history of fish tacos is a recent one, and it all began in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

As this area of Mexico is on the coastline of the Pacific ocean, fish was readily available. As a low cost, tasty meal, Mexicans created tacos with the fish they caught on a regular basis. They added various vegetables and fruits to the mix for a seasonal, easy to make meal with lots of flavor.

Today, many food trucks and posh California restaurants serve fish tacos with varying ingredients to shake things up, and people are loving them, especially this summer! But did you know you can make your own fish tacos easily at home?

How to Make Fish Tacos in Your Own Kitchen

All you need to make tasty fish tacos for you and your family is a mild tasting white fish, corn tortillas and some vegetables and fruits. Traditionally, fish was battered and fried before being tossed into corn tortillas with vegetables, but for a healthier alternative, try grilling your fish outdoors or on a grill in your kitchen.

Before grilling, create a light marinade with Mexican spices and oil and dredge your fish in this marinade. Once your fish has been grilled, lightly toast your tortillas, Add some vegetables and mix together with your grilled fish. A light coleslaw with red cabbage, green onions, radishes and cilantro goes great with sour cream and salsa on your fish tacos.

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