Playing Golf is Only Slightly Better than Shuffleboard

Do you like shuffleboard? If you do, you may be burning more calories playing this cruise ship game than if you played nine holes of golf. That’s right. Many people think that getting out on the green is going to burn a lot of calories, but not so says the New York Times popular health blog “Ask Well.”

SuperLawyers said that before we get into their analysis of a recent Stanford study, I will tell you that golf will improve your balance. Think about it. It requires a lot of upright movements and precision swings. So you’ll definitely work on that. But burning calories? Let’s just say this is no marathon burn.

You’ll burn about 310 calories if you play nine holes of golf, and you’ll get about the same kind of workout swinging your clubs at the range as you would if you were doing a little tai chi. The Stanford study concluded you’ll get way more exercise if you are mowing your lawn for an hour (You’ll burn about 250 calories every 40 minutes).

But other than that, the conclusion is that golfing is going to give you a leisurely workout. Add that golfing cart, and it’s basically you out on the course being social with your buddies. It’s something, of course, but not a lot to get you in true physical shape. So park the cart!

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