Precision Agriculture – The New Age Farming

Farming and agriculture have been in our culture since the beginning of time. With new advances in technology, we can now take farming and agriculture one step further to advance our productivity. A recent form of agriculture that is gaining popularity quickly is Precision Agriculture. Precision agriculture is the integration of digital technology to help farmers run their businesses.


In Aymone Lamborelle’s article Farming 4.0: The future of agriculture?it is discussed that the most influential trends of farming through 2030. Number one being Precision Farming, followed by automation at 44%. 70 to 80 percent of the new farm equipment being sold in today’s market has some form of PA component technology inside. This is yielding a turnover of over twenty-six billion dollars. The sector of PA agriculture also employs 135,000 people.


The demand for Precision Agriculture is starting out slow, but it is gaining popularity fast because it is creating jobs and decreasing the average amount of productivity time. The main problem with the complete takeover of PA is that in rural areas the internet access is limited and this holds back the technology increase. The European Union (EU) is working towards making internet access and technology more readily available in more rural areas so that farmers may take advantage of Precision Agriculture.


Farmers are pushing for digital revolution, and the EU is even handing out financial incentives to farms for those who jump on board with this new technology. The EU wants farmers to take on this new farmer technique because the demand for products produce by farmers is becoming higher and higher as the years go on. Without an increase in productivity somehow, there will be a shortage of people, and prices of these items produced will rise.


It is no secret that sometimes farmers or people who run their business may be afraid of advancement in technologies because they are used to their way of doing things. However, will all of the advancements in technology, it is important to stay on top of it so that someone’s business or farm may stay relevant to the current market that Europe is in.



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