Profiles in Biotechnology: Dr. Mark Ahn

Dr Mark Ahn is currently an adjunct professor at two universities as well as holding a wide variety positions at many varied biosciences companies. He is on staff at both Portland State University as well as Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Ahn also works as a consultant about strategic initiatives for the biotechnology industry and serves on the board of directors and as a high ranking officer for several such companies.

In the past as well as today, Dr. Ahn has worked closely with biopharmaceutical leaders to help develop new methods of looking at the world and new ways of utilizing pharmaceuticals effectively in order to provide better services for patients and better medicines for all those who seek health care. His prior clients include both Amgen, Genentech and Galena Biopharma. Dr. Ahn has published extensively in his field. All of his writing places a focus on issues in life sciences as well as innovation and technology management. He has also focused his view on the issues surrounding leadership.

His latest work includes an examination of competence based benchmarking in regards to biopharmaceutical product launches as well as ethical ways of approaching and working with the AIDS pandemic in developing nations. Dr. Ahn has also worked on looking closely at the high performance bioeconomy in the country of New Zealand as well as the biotech industry in Malaysia and multi-national pharmaceutical production in China. His international interests are far-ranging and encompass many fields as well as many areas of the world. This has helped him gain a unique and highly useful understanding of many emerging industries across the entire globe which allows him to consult business start ups.

Dr. Ahn’s primary focus has been the biotech industry where his expertise has been highly valued. He has spent over a decade in this field, working to help companies around the world develop new products, explore new markets and gain a better understanding of the needs of their customers. His educational background includes a University of Essex graduate fellowship where his focus was on economics. He did his doctoral work and earned a ph.d in philosophy at the prestigious University of South Australia.

At present, Dr. Ahn works with a wide variety of companies that value his expertise. Dr. Ahn also works as a vice president for hematology at Genentech and vice chairman of Essia Health. He also serves in an advisory capacity at Immunosoft.

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  1. Dr. Ahn has chosen to address a wide variety of subjects in his writing. He is a principal at Purkana Partners and president and CEO of Hanna Biosciences. It is clear that review would be absolutely amazed at what others have been doing because it’s helping the others.

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