Promising Study Results on Multivitamin and Mineral Use

While there is widespread agreement on eating right to be as healthy as possible, taking nutritional supplements has been considered a gray area for some. There are those who claim that they simply give one expensive urine. Even some who take supplements claim this is a possibility, so they take supplements that are based on whole foods in the belief that these are more readily absorbed and utilized by the body. Scientific studies seem to have gone back and forth on taking nutritional supplements. It is a matter of some curiosity that more good, solid, long-term studies have not been done in this area.

Many who give nutritional advice have argued that it takes a broad spectrum of nutrients to help the body prevent or even fight off disease. When only one, or a mere handful, of nutrients effect on study participants is tested, they are not surprised when mixed results occur. Health-conscious individuals like Flavio Maluf know that there are many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that the body needs for peak health. This is why a recent review of studies as reported by the National Institutes of Health is so critical. It focuses on looking at the data from studies in which a multivitamin and mineral was consumed. In so doing, it tests the impact of the regular ingestion of a wide array of nutrients. The statistically significant positive results identified, specifically in the area of cancer prevention, do seem to provide an arrow in the quiver of the pro nutritional supplement side.

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