Recreational Marijuana In New York?

New York could be the next state to legalize medical marijuana. It turns out that a bill has just been filed in the state that would legalize the substance for recreational usage by all people in that state. 

The Weed Blog says that such a bill would generate huge amounts of revenue for the state since the population is so large and so many people are interested in using marijuana for recreational purposes. 

The law is set up in similar fashion to laws that have already been passed in Colorado and Washington State. Those two states now have legalized recreational marijuana use and are already starting to reap the benefits of the taxation of this drug. New York now appears to be eying the same possibility and seeing for themselves that this is something that perhaps should be brought to their state. 

What is amazing is just how long it took for larger states like New York to start recognizing that this is the way that they should go on this issue. It has taken some time to see how certain states would do with their legalization of marijuana proposals, but so far everything seems to be going pretty well in those states. It is quite clear at least that Colorado is enjoying the tax revenue that has been brought in as a result of this change in the law. It will be interesting to see if others follow suit. Keep in mind though, if marijuana isn’t your thing you can always contact The Antique Wine Company if you’re in to great wine.

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