Renown Health – Leading Healthcare Facility in South Nevada

Renown Health is set to extend its services to the South Reno area. Primarily, the new office will be set up at The Summit Mall this spring. It is a new family practice office that will join the many other Renown Health facilities throughout the Nevada area. The clinic is set to provide primary care services along with laboratory services. Depending on the business structure and the flow of patient’s, they may look into expanding their services at a future date. For now, Dr. McCormack, who currently acts as the medical director of Renown Health, would like to see how all of the new healthcare regulations are set in place. A recent telephone interview by Dr. McCormack explained that the office will be geared more towards a comfortable setting. She wants them to feel like they are sitting in their very own living room receiving the best possible care. She understands that being sick is uncomfortable in itself, so she wanted to focus on a very comfortable setting for the patient and their family members. Renown Health on Twitter.

The space that is being occupied by the new medical facility has the opportunity to grow and expand into offering more services, more offices and more medical staff. They will currently employ 11 staff members with the possible addition of one more primary care physician and a nurse practitioner. The clinic will occupy approximately 10,000 square feet with three different storefronts to occupy the new medical clinic. They are extremely excited to get things moving off of the ground and open up the new healthcare facility. Renown Health currently has 12 primary care clinics in the region. They are located throughout the Reno-Sparks, Carson City, Fallon and Fernley areas. They have been producing quality medical care facilities for many years, and continue to grow their business with the recent expansion.

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