Restaurant Owner Reaches out to Dumpster Diver

Oklahoma City restaurant owner, Ashley Jiron, has noticed something going on in her restaurant’s dumpster lately. Ashley, who owns the newly opened P.B. Jams in Warr Acres, said that she noticed that some bags she had brought to the dumpster the night before had been opened and the food inside had been taken out. Seeing that broke her heart so she decided to reach out to the person who was clearly hungry enough to search the dumpster for food.

According to the story on, Ashley posted a noted on the front door of P.B. Jams. The sign on the front door is addressed to the person who was rummaging through the dumpsters and in it Ashley tells the person that they are “a human being, and worth more than a meal from a dumpster”. She then offers the person a free peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a side of veggies and a cup of water for no charge if they come in and ask for it.

The gesture is sweet but Ashley says no one has stepped up to claim it yet. Sergio Cortes finds that surprising, as stated in the article here. She is hoping that the free meal will help someone who is down on their luck at the moment.

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