Richard Blair offers advice to homeowners

Renting a house through Airbnb is more common and most individuals always use the procedure to look for accommodation. Other people have resorted to offering their homes as rentals. It is however more riskier and home users should understand some hints before allowing their houses to be used as rentals. More issues should however be understood by those individuals who are ready to give in to such actions. There are many issues such as the risk that the tenants brings into a given homestead such as harming the home owners and even destroying the house altogether.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a registered Investment Advisor at Wealth Solutions and it’s an investment advisory firm. Richard got his education at the University of Houston where he studied a bachelor’s degree in finance, majoring in Finance and Financial Management Services. He is the sole owner and wholly owns the company Wealth Solutions. Inc. The company is located in Austin, Texas. He has owned the company for over 22 years since its registration.


Richard Dwayne Blair has a wide experience in the wealth investment and advisory activities. He is the owner for Wealth Solutions Inc. for over 19 years, Worldwide Ventures Lp for 12 years and other companies where he is also currently working. He also holds a certificate of Retirement Income Certified professionals since he has experience in offering advice in relation to retirement and other investment.


Richard Blair offers advice and reasons and issues to consider before allowing tenants to their homes. Renting houses to tenants is riskier as compared to renting other houses. The home owners have been warned about giving in so easily to the rental companies since the insurance compensation that is offered by Airbnb. He has warned that the company would not compensate for the damage as would be required by the house owners in case of any loss.


The owners should be aware that the insurance covers that are offered to home owners don’t cover short term rentals. It is therefore advisable that they should be aware of the steps to take. They should either increase their premiums to cover for the shorter term rentals that so that they will be covered.


Richard Blair and the Wealth Solutions Inc. are involved in advisory activities and he is experienced in retirement advices to his clients. He manages funds for other clients who have accounts with the firm to provide objective advice and other wealthy preservation strategies.

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