Riverdale Actress Reveals Lime Crime Cosmetics Secrets

One of the key questions many makeup users face when choosing the perfect makeup for their needs is how ethical is the makeup being used. “Riverdale” actress Madelaine Petsch recently revealed her character of Cheryl Blossom and her trademark deep red lips are as ethical as possible from the vegan and cruelty-free Matte Velvetines range by the U.S.-based cosmetics startup, Lime Crime. The character of Cheryl Blossom has become one of the favorites of fans of the Netflix show based on the characters from Archie Comics and updated them for the 21st-century.

The Lime Crime range of lipsticks is an innovation of its own with a liquid starting point which dries after application to make it look and feel like a traditional lipstick without the fear of smudges and application problems. The Red Velvet lipstick was produced by Lime Crime founder, Doe Deere as she recalled her own youth in Russia when she would paste the petals of deep red roses to her lips as she dreamed of creating her cosmetics brand.

A major benefit for Madelaine Petsch has been the fact Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines line is designed to last for hours without fading which the actress understands limits her trips to the makeup department. The Lime Crime lipstick has been developed to be smudge-free and kiss-proof which Madelaine Petsch ensures remains in place with a layer of chapstick when she knows she is taking part in one of her character, Cherry Blossom’s love scenes.

The range of lipsticks and other cosmetics from Lime Crime have been developed to take advantage of a growing number of people looking for different colors and shades which reflect their own individuality. Produced in an ethical way, Lime Crime’s products have been developed under the leadership of CEO and founder, Doe Deere who believes makeup should be an extension of the personality and individuality of each individual consumer.

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