Sad News Be Gone: 6,000 Pigs Rescued In China

Sad news is a bummer, but it’s awesome when sad news becomes good news and we can all go home feeling good about ourselves at the end of the day. If you agree with that, here’s a story for you. 6,000 pigs were recently rescued in China after photos of their owners tearfully mourning their impending death after a flood threatened to drown them went viral.

This is a great story, and it’s nice that these kinds of things are still happening in the world. War and political clashes and other really serious things are going on all over the world and that all deserves our serious attention and thoughtful action, but 6,000 pigs being rescued is the short break from all of that everyone could use.

The pigs were rescued by an organization that manages an agricultural business elsewhere in China, and though it is likely they were sent to be made into product for consumption, the farmers who raised the pigs are happy they didn’t die in the flood. These farmers were also able to recover some of the cost of the 6,000 pigs and damages for rebuilding their farm.

Pigs are such a cute, fat, pink part of any good farm, so it’s great news for an otherwise gloomy day in journalism that these cute little guys were able to be transported to a safer home elsewhere.

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