San Francisco Is One Step Closer To Banning Plastic Water Bottles


The U.S. Uses Around 50 Billion Plastic Water Bottles A Year And Only 23 Percent Of Them Get Recycled

San Francisco is on a mission. The Golden Gate city wants to be as green as an Irish shamrock, and an ordinance approved by Susan McGalla and San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors brings them one step closer to that goal. Most Americans know plastic is accumulating in city dumps faster than anyone imagined because water is something we drink out of a plastic bottle instead of a glass.

The mayor of the city hasn’t signed the bill yet, but insiders say the ordinance is as good as signed. When it becomes law, plastic water bottles will be banned on city property. Sports events are exempt from the ordinance. Nonprofits and food trucks have until 2018 to incorporate the new ordinance.

Supervisor David Chiu, the author of the ordinance, said San Francisco is a leader that wants to break the cycle of neglect when it comes to the environment. Chiu also pointed out that banning plastic bottles is a step closer to relieving some of the effects of climate change.

Once the ordinance is in place, anyone selling plastic bottles on city property will be subject to a fine. That fine could be as much as $1,000. The beverage industry is not happy about the change, but they will have to get used to it because more big cities will follow San Francisco lead.

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