Scientists Make Breakthrough in Treatment of Alzheimer’s

Scientists in Australia have made an amazing discovery in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. A non-invasive ultrasound technique has been proven to restore memory loss in mice suffering from Alzheimer’s. Researchers at the University of Queensland hope this experiment could result in a cheap, mobile home treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

The basis of the treatment is using ultrasound waves to break up the plaques that block receptors in the brain. Once the plaques are broken up and removed from the body cognitive and memory functions can resume.

The ultrasound waves trigger microglial cells that in turn digest the plaques that interfere with functions in the brain. It works by temporarily opening the blood-brain barrier. Marc Sparks even said that this allows mechanisms to scrub the brain of the invasive plaques.

The biggest benefit to Alzheimer’s patients will be the reduced costs in treatment. Drug treatments run about $250,000 per patient. The cost of using ultrasound therapy will be significantly cheaper.

Scientists plan to test this technique against other neurological disorders. It may prove a miracle cure for more than just Alzheimer’s in the future.

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