Seattle Genetics to introduce more drugs under its CEO Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a company that carries out research on cancer treatment. The company is currently under the leadership of Clay Siegall who serves as the CEO. Cancer drug testing and research organization covered by the company is comprehensive. Seattle aims a developing a new set of drugs that should focus on treatment of cancer. The number of people suffering from cancer has been on the rise. The Bothell-based company looks at their needs and helps them through introducing drugs that will be used to treat cancer.

The company has gone another step to higher employees. They will help in the testing of drugs and meet the huge production demand by the cancer drugs. Adcetris is the most sold drug by the company. The drug has gone through several trials to verify its effectiveness in treatment of lymphomas cells. The company has further conducted several clinical trials to show whether the drug can treat newly diagnosed cancers. Adcetris is a top of the line product. The product has made a significant impact on the company’s growth and revenue.

Cases of lymphomas are quite high in Canada and the US. Seattle Genetics has had the drug sell highly in both countries. The company is expecting to improve its sales as the market for the drug has grown in the current year.

Clay B. Siegall assisted in the co-founding of Seattle Genetics in 1998. He is today the company’s Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President. A scientist by profession, he has had an emphasis on cancer treatment procedures. Dr. Siegall has built Seattle Genetics with the center foundation on rigorous research, innovation and drug development. His passion for helping patients has seen him do a lot in terms of research and product generation.

He played a lead role in guiding the company to produce the antibody drug conjugates and securing an approval from the FDA. Under collaboration with the Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Adcetris is today a global brand. It is approved in over 60 countries. Seattle Genetics is also advancing its line of ADCs for a better treatment of cancer.

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