Securus Tech Video Visitation Thought Experiment

Try to put yourself into the shoes of a prisoner. You do not need to know the crime that you committed, you just need to know that you have been sentenced to prison. Many prisoners are sent away from their families to serve time. This distance can make a visitation virtually impossible.


Now imagine that the prison you are serving time in has contracted a company called Global Tel-Link to provide telephone services. It turns out that this company is incredibly corrupt. They charge your family a couple of hundred bucks per week just to make phone calls. Your phone call time starts to diminish as your family realizes how expensive it is.


Then imagine that you have been transferred. You are no closer to your family but this new prison facility is now serviced by Securus Technologies. This company allows you to make video chat calls to your family. Each video chat only costs about three bucks and the system is incredibly easy to use.


Your family decides to bring you everywhere. They start a video chat on a tablet and tore you around the new house. They video visit with you during your child’s birthday party. And they even introduce you to the new family dog using this technology.


Do you think you would be grateful to Securus for this video visitation technology?


You could probably feel it during this thought experiment. When a prisoner is not allowed to communicate with the outside world, they are much more likely to commit crimes when released. They feel disenfranchised. However, when a prisoner is allowed to communicate freely with the outside world, they are much less likely to re-offend.


Securus should be providing telecommunications services to every prism in this country. It is the humane thing to do and it reduces crime.


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