Securus Technologies Is Keeping The Public Safe With WCS

An Overview Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based company that is the leading provider of security technology for correctional facilities in North America. This is a company that works in corrections monitoring, investigation, inmate cell service, communication, biometric analysis, and incident management. Securus Technologies is a company that works with corrections agencies all around the United States, and they are truly dedicated to the advancement of security technology. Earlier this year, a shocking video came out of an inmate who used his cell phone to record himself brandishing a weapon. This inmate’s name is José Rivera. Rivera is serving a 10 year sentence for burglary at the Evans correctional institution. This was not the first time that Rivera was caught with a cell phone while incarcerated, and the correctional facility staff is baffled as to how prisoners continuously are able to receive and use contraband cell phones.


A Contraband Problem Can Be Dangerous

Cell phones in prisons can have catastrophic effects. There have been cases of criminals completely orchestrating vicious and violent crimes by using their cell phones in a prison. In some cases, criminals have been able to wreak havoc in correctional facilities; in other cases, criminals have been able to create riots at jails and injure staff members at correctional facilities. This is all due to a plan that they schemed up over a cell phone. Since it is evident that contraband cell phones can harm innocent people, it is imperative for correctional facilities to have the correct technology that can monitor inmates at all times and prevent these events from happening again.


How Securus Technologies Can Help

Recently, the FCC emitted an order to accelerate the process for prisons to get quick access to contraband preventing technology. This is the type of technology that is offered by Securus Technologies. Since this process has been made more efficient, the amount of paperwork needed to attain this technology has been drastically reduced. In light of these new developments, more correctional facilities have easy access to this remarkable technology. Securus Technologies was able to release information about the progress of their Wireless Containment Solution System. Securus was able to give proof that between 2016 and 2017, their Wireless Containment Solution system was able to prevent and detect more than 1.7 million illegal communication attempts. These were all attempts that could have been dangerous to society. It is obvious from the previous information that a Wireless Containment Solution is imperative for efficient correctional facilities. This is amazing technology can help them to keep themselves and the public safe.

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