Seismic Testing For Oil And Gas In The Atlantic Threatens Thousands Of Sea Mammals

USP suggests that the oil and gas companies don’t care about the environment unless they are held accountable. Fracking operations around the country are changing the dynamics of the Earth’s structure. Now these companies want to upset ocean life and that environment. They want to do it in the name of fossil fuel. Fossil fuel trumps life in their eyes, so limits must be set on companies that only have their bottom line in mind. The oceans and the creatures in them are completely free, but we feel the need to disrupt that freedom in order to satisfy our archaic methods of energy mining.

Retrieving the gas and oil below the ocean floor means seismic testing has to be done. Sonic cannons shoot compacted air to the ocean floor every 10-12 seconds every day for months. More than 20 million seismic blasts are done over a couple of years.

The sound waves produced by these blasts will permanently damage or kill the mammals that roam the Atlantic. The east coast of the United States will turn into a killing field for dolphins and whales. Sea mammals don’t wreak havoc on our lifestyle and environment. Why should we try to destroy their quality of life for the sake of oil and gas?

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