Smartphone Photography Tips for Taking Better Pictures

If you want to be a better smartphone photographer, there are many things you should do. Take pictures with ease and make the most of your camera using the following tips of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

1. Understand your camera
You have a camera on your smartphone. Therefore, use that feature. Those pictures you don’t tale are the only bad pictures around. You need to do a lot of practice with shooting angles to develop that skill. Look for the unexpected positions to take pictures you could never take under normal circumstances like Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa. Vary the resolution of the camera and play with the settings. For this reason, you will determine the best position for your camera. Change the shooting mode, brightness, and resolution as well as other unique functions that come with the camera. As a matter of fact, practice makes perfect.

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2. Fill the viewfinder and get closer to the object
When you try capturing all aspects of an object, sometimes you get it wrong and get poor quality images. A great photo can be a collection of few points of an image. However, you can develop a powerful skill to take high-quality images says Figueroa. When you are further from your subject, you will get poor and tiny photos. They are not ideal for practice. Moreover, you should learn to place the object of focus at the center of the image. While you remain closer to the object, you can pull the shutter. Moreover, be sure to fill the viewfinder on the screen of your smartphone. Zooming reduces the quality of your images.

3. Remember the thirds rules
Sometimes, you get a focus in an inclined manner. While it may look natural for you, the thirds rule will apply the best effect on that photo. Break the frame as a way of thinking behind the rules. Some smartphones have placed settings that make you feel the best image says Figueroa. Make good use of these grid lines. They help you place the most important part of the picture at the center. The frames have points of intersection. They act as guides to develop your base. You will be amazed at this great feature in every smartphone.

4. Take photos with people
A beach or snowy forest at sunset can appear very appealing to the eye. However, these epic does not translate to a high-quality image. Your pictures must include people to make then great. Photos become more personal with this trick. Therefore, they become more memorable.

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