S’mores Oreos Coming This Month

Just when you think that the Oreo has seen every flavor out there, guess again. A new and exciting version of the classic cookie is about to hit the shelves on May 22, and S’Mores Oreos will be making their way to the snack aisle. They will only be around for a certain amount of time, so be sure to grab a box while you still can. According to an article found on reddit and written by GrubStreet, the cookie will feature a Graham cracker type outer cookie and be filled with a delicious marshmallow and chocolate inside for the cream.

This is going to be an excellent snack, especially with summer coming up when camping and cooking dessert by the fire is all the rage. Nabisco has gotten extremely creative recently with all their new flavors, as the red velvet and birthday cake Oreo types have been selling very well in grocery stores all around the United States. Recently, I have even seen the latest peanut butter Oreos in stores and it seems to really appeal to the masses. Even though these amazing snacks have been coming up with all these unique additions to them, it is clear that even the classic Oreo is still just as popular now despite it’s family competitors. Bruce Levenson said that he thinks that he will surely keep an eye out for these himself, as S’Mores Oreos sounds like a home run.

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