Some Farmers Abandoning Plowing

Farming is an industry that is based primarily on Long used traditions, in terms of the ways that crops are grown and the methods that are utilized to improve overall yield each year. If you go to just about any agricultural area, one of the first things that you were likely to see is a tractor pulling a plow across a field. Plowing is something that has been used for thousands and thousands of years and has been a proven way of improving the soil for the next year’s crop. However, there are some farmers out there today that are taking a new approach, and are opting not to plow their fields at all. The idea behind their new strategy is the fact that they believe it is a waste of time plowing fields.

Rather than clearing a field and plowing through the soil to create a new landscape for a new year of crops, the new farming technique includes utilizing a machine that plants new seeds directly into where the old crops are sitting. One of the biggest hesitations that many farmers have when it comes to this approach is that the fields tend to look more on the sloppy side while using this technique, as well as the fact the slugs are likely to come in abundance while utilizing this method. The idea behind avoiding plowing involves increasing efficiency and decreasing the output that is required to grow a field of crops, as well as to increase the yield each and every year. Another goal of this method is increase in the amount of nutrients that reach each plant, as the new batch of plants can soak up the remnants of the past crops.

While there are many farmers that have high aspirations and believe that utilizing this method of growing crops is going to increase their overall profit, mixed results have resulted thus far. While it is true that this method has been effective in various areas around the globe, there’s not concrete evidence thus far that indicate this is a superior method to plowing. So far there are a handful of farmers that are ditching planting completely and one farm in Overbury, Worcestershire has left things even more up in the air. After not plowing their field for the first season, Jack Freestone stated that he ended up with the same amount of crops that he would have had if he had plowed his fields. For the meantime, there needs to be a lot more proven results in order to have farmers convert to this method on a large scale.


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