Southeast Slammed With Winter Storm

Arkansas to Washington DC is getting a taste of the winter weather the northeast is familiar with, almost too familiar. Monday started with a few flakes, but quickly grew to a whiteout blizzard that caused thousands of power outages, work, and school closings. The storm is supposed to taper off Tuesday afternoon.

Everybody remembers the ice and snow storm of 2014 that cause stranded drivers and roadway shutdowns in Georgia. Last year the South got several storms that crippled cities and iced roadways. This year seems to be the same.

Reports of roadway accidents, school closings, and delayed flights from Altanta, Georgia to Cinncinnati, Ohio, has come in to the news stations. WSB channel 2 in Atlanta, Georgia has predicted weather temps as low as twenty seven degrees and black ice first thing in the morning.  Brian Torchin even says that in Birmingham, Alabama, temperatures are to return to the forties but down to the low twenties again tonight. They get a brief reprieve tonight and Wednesday but there is another round of storms coming on Thursday. Once again Punxsutawney Phil has made a correct prediction and everybody wants to move to California and Florida because the daytime temperatures were in the eighties again.

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