Stephen Murray: A Legacy In Finance

There are few CEOs as impressive as Steve Murray. In the world of finance there are many notable figures showing incredible talent in facing the challenges finance brings to the table, but his work as the head of CCMP Capital stands out as an exception. Under Murray the private equity firm raised billions and established a reputation for excellence in service. Steve Murray began working for the firm in 1999 when it was then known as Chase Capital Partners although he had been working for its predecessors 10 years prior. Murray stuck with the company throughout the years and its name changes, but he was always at the top of his financial game.

At its peak the private equity firm on, under the control of JP Morgan and known as JP Morgan Chase, Murray worked for was the largest in the world. the largest in the world and dwarfed all other private equity firms. Eventually in 2006 CCMP was founded by former employees of the firm with Stephen Murray holding the position of Chief Executive Officer on As the years continued to pass Murray displayed even greater talent and brought CCMP Capital to soaring heights. His already impressive record proved itself yet again.

Unfortunately all was not well with Murray. Steve Murray eventually had to step down as CEO of CCMP Capital after health complications began to interfere with his ability to carry out his duties. Shortly after stepping down Murray passed away leaving his former co-workers and family to mourn. Despite this his legacy continues to live on at CCMP Capital. Steve Murray’s decades of service in private equity continue to stand out as an exceptional achievement. His colleagues will miss him but the expertise he gave them will serve as an example of what should be expected of those who choose to take up a career in private equity.

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