Stephen Murray’s Eventful Career

The former chief executive officer of CCMP Capital was Stephen Murray and he passed away not long ago due to health complications. He had resigned from CCMP shortly before his demise but all who knew him remember him as a company man who had been with the firm since back in 1989. At one point i time CCMP was known as the private equity company MH Equity Corporation and Stephen Murray was a part of it even then. His death was untimely and he will be sorely missed.

MH Equity Corporation where Stephen Murray CCMP Capital first worked was bought out by Chase Manhattan Group and at a later time, it was subject to a merger with JPMorgan & Co. This new joint company was renamed JPMorgan Partners. In the year 2006, Chase Manhattan Group became an independent company because of JPMorgan Chase’s buyout of JPMorgan Partners, its growth equity division.

Stephen was a bright student who received a degree in Economics from Boston College for his bachelor’s. He went on to get an MBA from Columbia Business School. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a financial services man from the beginning to the end and had more than 30 years in the industry. He began his career while still studying in college. His raw passion for mastering the world of finance led him to become a great financial services investor and private equity investor.

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Stephen developed a reputation for being a deal maker and a man who could find ingenious solutions to financial problems. He was instrumental at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital where he made invaluable contributions. His talent was recognized by those above him and they rooted him on and even helped him up the ladder to success. He spent much of his career as a private equity investor until he was appointed the CEO of CCMP Capital in 2006. This is after the company was spun off from JPMorgan Partners.

Stephen is not only remembered for his excellence in the world of finance. He is also thought of as a committed philanthropist. He gave of himself on many occasions. He gave his time, his talents and his money to the causes and people that he cared about. He was active in supporting education through his alma maters because he was grateful for the fine education he received at them. He also volunteered at the Make-A-Wish Foundation and helped provide food for the hungry at a local food bank on many occasions.

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