Stephen Murray’s Relevance in the Dramatic Growth of CCMP Capital

According to a article, Stephen Murray stopped working as the CEO and president of CCMP Capital in 2015 due to health related issues. CCMP was first registered as Chase Capital Partners. The name was later changed to JP Morgan Partners after a sequence of mergers. Murray became the director of JP Morgan’s buyout business. He played an instrumental role during spinoff of the firm from JP Morgan Partners. CCMP on Crunchbase usually invests up to $500 million in companies that dwell in consumer, energy and healthcare solutions. It focuses largely on buyout transactions and growth equities.

Stephen’s Educational and Professional Background

Stephen attended Boston College and graduated with an economics degree in 1984. Stephen Murray joined the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation Training Program and trained as a trainee credit analyst. Five years after acquiring a bachelor’s degree, he enrolled in a business administration master’s degree program at the Columbia Business School. Due to his business acumen and investment prowess, Stephen helped his company in closing major deals. He earned several recognitions due to his achievements. For instance, Stephen Murray and Greg Brenneman were listed on CCMP’s SEC filings as top executives. He was also among the top five executives on CCMP’s Form ADV. Murray was a board member of Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Crestcom International, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Infogroup Inc., Octagon Credit Investors, Jethro JMDH Holdings, and LHP Hospital Group.

Accomplishments in the philanthropy world

Stephen Murray donated millions of dollars towards community-based organizations. He treasured education a lot and supported economically disadvantaged students to graduate from college by subsidizing their tuition fee. Philanthropy was like a divine calling to Steven Murray. Organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Columbia Business School, Boston College, Stamford Museum, and the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank benefitted from his handsome donations. Stephen Murray had membership status in the Make-A-Wish Foundation committee. He also belonged to Boston College trustees’ board.

The death of Stephen Murray shocks many

Stephen Murray died on March 12, 2015, at 52 years old. His death was confirmed to the press by the spokesperson of CCMP Capital. He was married to Tami Murray and had four children. The chair of CCMP, Greg Brenneman, expressed his condolences by citing how Stephen was instrumental in the growth of the company. He praised Stephen’s expertise in investing and deal making. He said the company had lost a founding father, who always guided it through tough economic situations.

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