Susan McGalla Builds Strong Marketing Resume

Susan McGalla has become a very interesting part of the world of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. She has proven herself to be a very formidable business leader that knows how to market brands. This is what she has established in her life. She has definitely become someone that has managed to gained a lot of Fame for her CEO role at American Eagle. This became the pinnacle of her career and the most outstanding thing on her resume. She would become one of the first women to hold a CEO position at American Eagle Outfitters, and she would gain the position of CEO again with Wet Seal. This is rare and the corporate industry where women are less than 20% of the high level executive positions. This is what has given Susan McGalla voice.

She is able to inspire many others and provide a greater amount of interest in what she is talking about because she knows the ways to becoming a corporate executive. She has done it long enough to know how to do it well. She also has the ability to give women a better focus on how they can become better at the concept of marketing. She has done it long enough to know how to be effective in doing this.

Susan McGalla has proven herself to be a very important part of the marketing industry, and she has made many adjustments to make sure the people are able to learn from her mistakes. Susan has proven, over the years, that sometimes getting the attention of the customer is not always about the product itself. Sometimes it is simply about the marketing technique that has been displayed to lure the customer. That is what McGalla has become good at doing. She is marketing to a diverse community.

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