Susan McGalla: Moving Past the Gender Card

For many women, career goals include excelling at the workplace, innovating, inventing, breaking barriers, and advancing their careers. Susan P. McGalla focuses on mentorship, branding, talent management, and marketing. Through her company, P3 Executive and Consulting, she helps fellow women steer ahead in their careers and build recognizable brands.

Susan McGalla regularly shares ideas on how women can advance in the business world. She has spoken on various platforms such as the Speaker Series for CEOs by Carnegie Mellon University and the Pittsburg Women and Girls Foundation. The women she works with seek a more practical and authentic perspective on career life. She is fascinated by the advancement in women involvement in dialogues that address the issues around them.

Growing up in East Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla was accorded equal opportunities as her two older brothers. Susan’s parents encouraged her to pursue her goals fiercely and confident regardless of the expectations of others. For Susan, gender is a non-issue in achieving greatness. Her upbringing shaped her mentality on gender issues. Susan’s father, a football coach, did not tolerate any gender related excuses.

Susan McGalla holds a BA from the Mount Union College. She first served at Joseph Home Company and later on in 1994 joined the American Eagle Outfitters Inc. American Eagle then had more men than women in senior positions and on the board. She worked hard to and ascended to the role of President and Chief Merchandising officer at the company. As a result, the organization culture changed to accommodate equal collaboration between men and women to push the firm to achieve its goals. Susan’s responsibilities included overseeing four brands, revenues of up to 3 billion dollars, an e-commerce site, and the overall profitability. At the company, she also led the launch the 77kids and Aerie brands. She stayed with the company until 2010.

Currently, Susan offers consultancy services in areas such as finance and retail. She credits her success so far to hard work, passion, consistency, flexibility, and determination. Mrs. McGalla is also a member of the board of the Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and HFF Inc. a real estate company. Previously, she was a director at Allegheny Conference on Community development and a University of Pittsburg Trustee. She also volunteers for the Board of Advisors of Mount Union College.

Susan McGalla believes that women can be proud of their gender, but they should never use it as a limitation or allow gender related prejudice. She is successful because she chose to see everything else other than gender.

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