Sussex Healthcare Gets Even Better

There’s a lot that can be said for the quality of services available from the Sussex Healthcare facilities. This includes plenty of rooms and a highly trained staff who truly care for the patients under their charge. However, there is a recent addition to this cadre of benefits that proves itself to be impressive by any standard and not just in the healthcare field.

This comes in the form of a gym that not only focuses on the physical needs of patients but mental health as well. The amenities that come along with this gym or noteworthy and really could make a person jealous of what facilities their living situation offers by way of physical strength and mental health. First of all this gym is fully staffed 24 hours a day so residence of Sussex Healthcare facilities can feel free to exercise whenever they want.

But it’s not just a helping hand at any time of the day that makes this gym worth visiting but the inclusive and holistic approach it takes towards physical and mental health. Not only is the gym designed to facilitate the needs of elderly members of the community and those with full use of her arms and legs, it caters to others as well. In other words those who have neurological or cognitive special needs can use the gym and expect to exercise in a routine focused on them. This is also true for those who find themselves in the need for more social interaction. The hot tub is a big hit with everyone.

But it’s not just all fun and splashing around in the pool with this gym. There are programs available specifically designed to improve mobility. That’s what this gym is all about. Its purpose is to keep the strong staying strong, make the weak stronger, and build anyone’s self-esteem and self-reliance no matter at what level it sits. But that’s what Sussex Healthcare is all about. Its main focus is to make sure that each patient receives individual attention in meeting their physical and mental needs.

In the past decades, the facilities themselves have grown to more than 20 different locations, and each one offers a variety of amenities and comforts to its residents. Activities include gardening and sewing but do they not overburden or tax the patients under their care. Just like with the gym, every staff member is more than qualified to make sure that any person in a certain stage of life is completely cared for from dawn till dusk and even into the night.

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