Syngenta Faces a Series of Lawsuits for Taking Farmers for a Ride with their GMO Corn

Syngenta now faces a series of lawsuits from disgruntled U.S farmers and exporters who are claiming that they suffered major losses because the company’s genetically modified corn, Agrisure Viptera, cannot be exported to China.

The issue at stake is that China, the third-largest consumer of American Corn, rejected the imports of Syngenta’s Viptera. The rejection of the corn resulted in a drop grain futures, and three-year corn price drop at the Chicago Board of Trade. This was further fuelled by concerns that China was going to limit other agricultural imports.

Syngenta is accused of exposing farmers to millions of loses for recklessly marketing the GMO corn seed without the approval from China. Farmers, exporters, and other stakeholders claim that the Biotech Company were aware or should have been aware of the risks involved in the whole ordeal, but chose to gamble with the famer’s livelihood.

However, Syngenta claims that it shouldn’t be held responsible for the fall in corn prices and that the Company has always been open about the approval status of the GMO corn. They believe that the Chinese government shouldn’t dictate to the American farmers the type of corn that they should grow. They also noted that GMO corn had been approved for cultivation by the U.S government in 2010 and therefore its commercialization were compliant to all the legal requirements.

The first lawsuit against Syngenta was filed by the food conglomerate, Cargill, which contented that they suffered more than 90 million U.S dollars in damages because of the shipment rejection by the Chinese government. Other suits with similar claims have since been filed by farmers—most of them seeking class action status. The lawsuits further content that the local corn prices have plunged because of the loss of Chinese market which is estimated to be the third largest for the U.S corn.

Over a dozen lawsuits class actions have and continue to be filed against Syngenta and farmers, associates, and other stakeholders who feel to have been negatively impacted by the Syngenta’s Viptera or the declining corn prizes are encouraged to file lawsuits against the company.

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