Talk Fusion Adds Two New Websites For Innovative Products

Business for Home published the article “Talk Fusion Builds Global Momentum with 2 New Websites” written by Ted Nuyten. The article discusses the recent string of success for t direct selling and video email marketing company. The new websites created by Talk fusion are and


Join Talk Fusion is the website that is centered around the video emailing practices. They also have added a Talk Fusion Lifestyle section encouraging viewers to follow their dreams with new products and instant pay alongside the informative presentations that are revealed daily. The lifestyle section is hosted by CEO and Founder, Bob Reina.


The sites will promote and share the Talk Fusion Independent Associates for their award-winning products on video email and business opportunities. The company’s Chief Executive Officer Bob Reina, revealed the concepts on Facebook Live to discuss the features and benefits of the new promotional sites. Bob Reina has more than 25-years of experience in direct selling.


The company is focused on helping viewers and readers gain financial freedom through direct selling. Bob Reina wants to help people earn money and time freedom. His belief is that your income needs to be built with leverage through a hot business opportunity and hot products. He reveals the secret is to create duplication and timing. After all, the richest people make money through a network. By earning money from a team instead of just your efforts, you are able to grow your income.


The Instant Pay Compensation pay account allows the Independent Associates to get paid immediately. The commissions are deposited directly to the bank account or credit card of the associate within three minutes.


Talk Fusion is a company created by Bob Reina in 2007 to aid businesses by helping them stand out from their competitors, to ensure their customers keep coming back all while improving their sales and profits.


Their Independent Associates are marketing their innovative products to help make marketing more influential and more engaging through persuasive video. There are associates in more than 140 countries. Talk Fusion offers a free trial of the Talk Fusion Video Suite for an entire month. Learn more:


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