Talk Fusion University-Helping People Realize their Potential

Talk Fusion launched Talk Fusion University that features motivational videos, various marketing resources, and step-by-step instructional videos to guide its users through the world of marketing.


Bob Reina shares his 25 years of experience and expert training through the resources featured on the online University. The University is geared towards Talk Fusion Associates and will help them to become more successful in the world of marketing.


Bob Reina, former police officer and founder and CEO of Talk Fusion became familiar with multi-level marketing in the 1990s and has been gaining marketing experience, ever since. With no sales experience Reina came up with an effective four-step system that helped him to become so successful.


Reina believes that success hinges on the efforts of others and that this business is s team sport. It also deals with people from many different backgrounds, educational levels, involves many personates, and sales experience. According to Reina, in order to generate income, you have to focus on what effectively works as an individual as well as what works for the team.


The system that Reina developed is the content behind the videos on Talk Fusion University and is helping others to find their success. Reina is a regular contributor to MarTech Advisor and HuffPost and has a large following. He also delivers motivational speeches on Facebook LIVE and on broadcast that are with Allison Roberts, the VP of Training and Development for Talk Fusion.


The University is currently hosting over 30 informational videos and is helping others to gain success in their marketing endeavors. According to Reina, price and performance are key factors that make Talk Fusion University really stand out. Reina is on a mission to help others to find their financial success and is devoted to making that a reality for many.


Talk Fusion is s business opportunity and is fueled by video marketing products. Talk Fusion is also about giving back. Talk Fusion is helping people in 140 countries to find their dreams and make them a reality. The company is also giving and has supported many organizations and charities around the world. Learn more:


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