Talkspace Helping Thousands Each Day!

Our smartphones have changed the way we interact with one another. We are able to do so much more with our devices than ever before. While this may seem like utopia to most people there are some who still feel depressed. In South Korea a study was preformed and its findings were astonishing to say the least. Ten percent of teens using the internet are at risk of depression. This could explain why the growing trend of e-mental health platforms has been booming.

Getting help has never been easier. You can reach into your pocket at anytime and get the help you need straight from your mobile phone. Talkspace has over 500,000 users and counting currently on the platform. Talkspace has over 1,000 highly skilled mental health professionals that can assist your needs through text or video chat.

Talkspace has recently signed a deal with medical giant Magellan Health. This is a great step forwards for Magellan’s clients giving them access to on-demand psychotherapy. Talkspace has some affordable rates that just about anyone can afford. Starting plans begin at thirty two bucks a week. This gives you access to mental health providers once per week via text. For only forty nine bucks per week you can get the same as the other plan in addition to a monthly half hour live session.

When using Talkspace you will be paired with a primary therapist that can meet your specific needs. You will be asked a series of questions so that your therapist will better understand your specific situation. Talkspace allows individuals the opportunity to seek help in a less intimidating and comfortable manor.

Stay in the loop by visiting Talkspace’s Twitter page and keep up with all the trending topics and tips.

Talkspace is about bringing affordability and flexibility to individuals who seek mental health help. If you are a mental health professional Talkspace is the platform for you. You can help thousands of people right from your cell phone.

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