Talkspace Is Revolutionizing The Way People Receive Mental Health Care

The ability to talk to a mental health professional or therapist through the web has revolutionized the mental health industry. This form of telemedicine makes mental health care more accessible to people. For example, if somebody lives in an isolated part of the country, they can easily and quickly connect to a therapist or other mental health professional such as a psychiatrist via the internet. There is no need to travel hundreds of miles just to see a therapist with programs such as Talkspace.

The rise of telemedicine in the mental health care sector has also great potential to lower the cost of mental health care. After all, why would someone shell out big bucks for a therapist when they can easily connect with one using the web. Still, talking to a therapist or mental health care professional over the net does have some limitations. There is the lack of face to face meetings. An online therapist is also unable to really read your body language.

Despite these limitations, talking to trained therapist can do a lot of good. People who are shy or hesitant about reaching out to a therapist or mental health professional can do so in a relatively anonymous way. Some people may be more open to contacting a therapist or discussing a mental health issue over the web than in person. The costs and convenience are also another pro to using online mental health services.

One example of a company offering telemedicine services in the mental health realm is Talkspace. The company was created in 2012 by husband and wife duo Roni and Oren Frank. Their goal in starting the company was to make mental health therapy more widely available and less expensive. Another motivating factor for creating Talkspace was because Oren and Roni benefited greatly from psychotherapy when they were struggling with problems and wanted to give others the same opportunity. Talkspace was a conduit in which they could do this.

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