The accomplishments of philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Dick and Betsy DeVos family is a popular family in the United States. The family is known for a number of reasons. One, the family has been involved extensively in Republican Party politics in the state of Michigan. Dick DeVos at one time ran as the Republican nominee for the governor’s seat in Michigan. His wife Betsy has been nominated in the Trump’s administration as the secretary of education. Secondly, the family is known for their success in business.


The business success of the family was set out by their Richard DeVos, father to Dick DeVos. The DeVos happen to one of the wealthiest families’ in the United States. Richard DeVos is the founder of Amway Corporation. His son Dick took over the business establishments of the family and has been doing very well. He has been an executive leader of a number of companies. Thirdly, the DeVos family is known for their great philanthropic work. In this article, I will focus on the philanthropic work of the Dick DeVos and his family.


Dick and Betsy DeVos founded the Dick & Betsy Family Foundation. The foundation has been supporting various charity organizations in Michigan as well as in other states in the U.S. they support initiatives that touch on the important aspects of the society. They are particularly focused on supporting education, art and culture, youth leadership and community developments. The family is on record stating that they have spent over $139 million in charitable activities. Dick and Betsy aim to help communities in Michigan transform in terms of standards of living. This is why they engage in life-changing initiatives. Initiatives that are set to help the people change the way they handle lives.


Although the family has been involved in political donations, it is donations meant for the welfare of the people that take the biggest chunk. In 2015, the family foundation donated about $11.6 million to charity. The family has been releasing their donations statistics from time to time so that they can promote transparency in the work they do.


One area that the foundation has given more attention is the education sector. The DeVos has been very focused on bringing about educational reforms in the American education system. According to the DeVos, the current system of education deprives children of poor backgrounds quality education. They, therefore, advocate for a system of education that will offer every child in the United States same quality of education regardless of the child’s background.


The family foundation has also been actively involved in developing art. The DeVos founded the DeVos Institute of Arts at the Maryland University to train artists on the business side of art. The family foundation has also supported other organizations such as West Michigan Aviation Academy and ArtPrize.


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