The Benefits of a Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market in any area always seems like the best option with the fresh produce and the fresh baked goods that all encourage the visitors to walk and to be social within the area. Though this may be the better option to support the local community, the buying of food from the farmers’ market can also be an expensive endeavor that is just not feasible for some budgets. An array of the freshest produce such as corn and tomatoes in the summer is available to all those with money to pay for the goods. An example to give is that though the farmers’ market eggs will be better quality, they are over twice the normal price of the store bought eggs.

In recent news, more nonprofit organizations have been dedicated to bringing individuals fresh produce even if they are on a tight budget and cannot afford to make the big shops like others do. To sell produce of excellent quality at a lower price, the solution was to create a central and permanent spot within urban areas that vendors could sell and array of food to the customers at a lower price. This would bring more of a connection between the farmers and those that are on a budget and want to eat healthy.

A new hub to work at would make it easier for the farmers’ to sell their goods and for the consumers to purchase the goods without having to break the bank. Though this construction of a new open market will effectively cost millions of dollars, the key goal is to educate the population about the importance of eating a balanced diet. Individuals in urban areas truly believe that one does not need to make all the money in order to consume the freshest greens and in season products.

One example of an idea of an open market will take place in New York City, a city that is known for their markets as well as the drastic change in income. The new hub that will be in New York City is estimated to cost around $20 million and will attract more people than ever who are on a tight budget when it comes to saving and providing meals for large families.

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