The British Parliament And A Needed Agricultural Policy

BBC reported last week that among the many things that the British Parliament was set to discuss in relation to the British vote to leave the European Union, there was one thing lacking: agriculture. I know, I know. Agriculture can be a boring topic if you live in a city or have never had to worry about what yields you’re getting or what the vote to leave the European Union could potentially do to the price of potatoes and corn that you’re growing right in your own backyard, but this is an important issue.

If Britain were to fail to agree to a preferable agricultural policy, it could potentially leave itself paying higher costs for lower-quality goods that are not protected by high E.U. standards on everything from the use of pesticides to the use of certain dyes to create artificial coloring in cereal. Facing a higher price for lower-quality goods, the most vulnerable British may be priced out of the market entirely, and may be forced into food insecurity. However, middle-class British families may turn to American produce that is relatively cheap and high-quality accounting for transportation costs. International demand for American products like almonds, roses, soy pushes up the price for all of us here at home, too.

You may not care about Brexit, and you may not care about Britain’s new agricultural relationship with the E.U., but when your almonds are costing you 30% more per pound, you’ll definitely notice.

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