The CIA Will No Longer Share Climate Change Information With Scientists

The American satellite program has changed the way we look at the world. We are able to see changes in land masses, and we are able to track the melting ice in Antarctica as well as operate cell phones and other electronic devices. But satellites do a lot more for us that we realize. For decades the CIA has been using satellites to identify clandestine operations as well as track the impact of climate change around the world. That information was shared with climate change scientists for years, but the CIA has decided to stop sharing climate change information, and the reason is shrouded in secrecy.

The CIA knows that climate change impacts social unrest as James Dondero has said several times. Terrorists take advantage of climate changes, and the results of that tactic is pretty obvious. The drought in Nigeria and Syria stimulated unrest, and terrorist groups took advantage of that unrest. President Obama recently talked about the effects of climate change, and how those changes can impact national security.

Republicans have been against sharing information about climate change with scientists, and it appears they have influenced the CIA decision. No one is going to question that decision. We all know why. We don’t want to give the bad guys the same information we give the good guys.

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