The Excellent Work Done By JAcob Lief and The Ubuntu Fund in South Africa

Jacob Lief, CEO, and Founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund has raised millions of dollars for charity’s sake in his lifetime. He’s also a regularly invited guest at the World Economic Forum which takes place in Davos, Scotland. The money raised has gone towards several programs and initiatives aimed at making education more accessible to kids in South Africa. Jacob Lief attributes much of the success of their education programs in Eastern Cape, S.A, to the fact that he selects donors very carefully.

Setting the Terms and Conditions

In the beginning, Lief realized that some of the donors provided funds but the assistance came with strict regulations. Those conditions attached made it difficult for Lief and his Ubuntu organization to effect the unique strategies they had when the idea was conceived. The CEO of Ubuntu was recently quoted on the Financial Times remarking how even though they now had a leaner operational budget, the positive changes felt on the girls in this part of the world was incredible.

Success Education Programs in Africa

Donor interference in the non-profit industry is actually quite commonplace and prevalent. The problem arises in that the donors have no clue whatsoever about the dynamics of the task which lies ahead. Having a hands-on experience plays a huge role in determining the success of the programs and initiatives you have as a charitable organization. For Ubuntu, however, that is not a problem at all since they have a very clear guideline about the mandates of the donor.

Thanks to the benevolence of Jacob and his establishment, countless children have been lifted and empowered to overcome poverty. The educated girls always returned to invest their newly acquired skills in their communities and this has a tremendous impact on the quality of lives experienced by the people of Eastern Cape.

About Jacob Lief

Jacob Lief got the inspiration to set up Ubuntu Fund when he first visited the nation of South Africa. Jacob witnessed firsthand the appalling conditions the children’s and the communities in large lived in. To make a difference, he started the Ubuntu Education Fund in 199. Its main prerogative was to lift the living conditions in the slums and townships of Port Lizabeth in Eastern Cape. In 2017, that firm now has a staff of close to a hundred professionals spread out across three different continents. The fund supports over 20K underprivileged students from the region.


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