The Farm To Table Movement In Full Swing in 2016

The ability to grow food and have fresh produce on hand is something that many people are embracing. Thanks to the use of pesticides and various other chemicals to enhance the preservation and size, many prefer to grow their own. However, in many situations, it is not feasible for people to grow their own foods, so they turn to a farmer’s markets to help. One such market is the Table Farmers Market in Monroe, WA.

A recent article found in the Monroe Monitor showed that people are embracing this style of shopping more than ever before. This year, they have extended their offerings to include things like gluten-free bakery goods and much more. Opening day was June 22nd and the results were uncanny. The sea of people gathering to purchase fresh produce and baked goods was remarkable. It shows how much Americans want to get healthy and buy fresh, homegrown and baked products.

Is America making a switch toward health? Really focusing on what one puts in their mouth is a monumental feat. Switching from store-bought produce to farm fresh is a big difference. The use of pesticides and other chemicals is what concerns most people. The use of fresh produce was overlooked for many years in light of processed convenience foods. It could be that the public has had enough and that the farm to table movement is here to stay. If any other farmer’s market is like this one, it is an indication that people are becoming more concerned about their health.

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