The Health Care System Needs To Prioritize

At the 2015 Texas Enterprise Speaker Series, the Dell Medical School dean Dr. Clay Johnston, speaks about the flaws in the health care system. Johnston states, ‘the whole system is geared towards doing more, rather than doing better or treating the sickest patients, because that’s the way it gets paid.’ Your text to link…

In the time Johnston spoke, he pointed out the health care system is unable to keep up with advancing technology, and runs on a 20 year cycle. Susan McGalla understands that this allows the system to help meet their status quo, but does not treat the patients that are really sick. The health care system puts too much time and money in marketing for preventative care and not efforts are put into treating patients that really need the care.

Johnston informed his audience the reason why a patient is unable to speak with the doctor on the phone is because they don’t get paid to do so. Doctors get paid to see the patient, read test results, and prescribe medications, but not to speak with them on a phone call.

Overall, the health care system is currently on a path to promote preventative care over treating sick patients and finding a more effective way to treat a disease. If the system put as much time and effort into research for a better treatment option, the money coming into the system would plummet.

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