The Healthy Firefighter Workout

Not many people know that four out of every five firefighters in the United States are considered overweight or obese. Of the firefighters that die in the line of duty each year, about half of them die from a heart attack. These deaths are often avoidable and there is a group of firefighters who have named themselves 555 Fitness and their goal is to get firefighters in better shape. Daily workout plans designed for busy firefighters are provided to subscribers in order to get everyone in better shape.

These workouts are designed to burn fat and also to increase cardiovascular health. While many firehalls lack an official gym or workout equipment, many of these exercises incorporate fire gear as part of their regimen. Think of the sixty-five pounds of gear that firefighters wear as they climb staircases, navigate on roofs and break through walls. They even crawl through smoke filled rooms with this added weight. In order to better handle this equipment, firefighters need to be in optimal shape.

At the end of the day firefighters are just average people who have chosen to dedicate their time and lives to saving others. Some are in better shape than others and they struggle to find time to work out just like the rest of us do. Coupling a healthy diet with some exercises that firefighters can do right from the firehall is proving to be beneficial. Not to mention just about anyone can follow these exercises as well to stay in shape when they are at home or even in a hotel room on business.

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