The High-Tech Farms of the Future

Farming in future will be on a whole new level. Technology is bound to change everything in its wake, and agriculture industry is among that fields that have been altered by the technology. For instance, in the future, farming lettuce will be computerized. The high-tech agricultural farms of the future will be capable of growing 100 times more food compared to the traditional farms that use 95% more water and depends highly on the soil and the sunshine.



The current type of farming, though being modern and highly industrialized, stills relies on some traditional technologies such as the sun, seasons, dirt, and tractors. The current method of farming is characterized by inefficiencies according to the modern technologists, who are more familiar with server firms that process data around the clock.



It should not be astonishing that the future agricultural farms will share characteristics with Amazon data centers and not an organic apple orchard. More companies are jumping on the bandwagon of the future farms; they want to be part of the future farms that cultivate volumes of food in huge urban warehouses that will be using LED light in place of the sun and stored shelves of nutrients solution instead of soil.



This type of high-tech farms model of urban farming will be monitored and run by computers that access some different points of data and regularly fine-tunes the growing conditions. According to Marc Oshima, the co-founder of AeroFarms, the company uses a vast array to techniques to monitor all aspects that range from nutrients to the type and amount of light to environment factors such as humidity temperatures, CO2 levels; they create the perfect condition for growth for each type of crop. AeroFarms is one of the world’s fasted growing vertical farms.



The success of these high-tech farms is pegged on the fact that the system maintaining the growth of the plants is automated. The system monitors different types of data on the crop that include growth, health, yield, quality, flavor and quality. There are also no seasons, and the harvest cycles are frequent. For example, AeroFarms carries out 30 harvests every year. Though the idea of the computerized farms has been a wild dream, it’s gradually picking up and it is bound to be a game changer in the agricultural industry.

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