The Importance of Product Recognition

A company which offers products or services cannot be successful without advertising.

Advertising is calling the public’s attention to your business in order to sell your products or services. Advertising can be done through the use of various methods such as through print or radio/TV announcements.

Through advertising, a way is created to communicate with your current and prospective clients about the product or services that you are offering. Advertising accomplishes the following goals:

• To make your customers aware of your product or service
• To persuade your customer that that your company’s product or services will fulfill their needs
• To build a desire of your company’s product or service;
• To boost the image of your company
• To introduce and broadcast new products or services that your company is offering
• To support your salespeople’s communications
• To encourage the customers to take more interest in the product or service
• To lure customers to your business.

The advertising target is mainly to increase the name recognition of the product or service in order to generate more business and increase the growth in sales. In short, to generate product or service recognition.

Product Recognition
Product recognition means making your customer or potential customers to retain your product or service in their memories. It is a process by which a product is inevitably identified by a specific medium like an image or a video.

It is making your market remember and identify your brand by their features or characteristics. You know that product recognition is successful when people (the market you are targeting) can recall the product without seeing a complete name or full picture about the product, like just seeing the logo, slogans or identifying colors.

The extent to which the general public (or an organization’s market focus) is able to identify a brand is through its features or attributes. Product recognition is working effectively when people can name a product without being told of the company’s name, but rather through visual objects like logos, photos and videos.

To measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, companies use the results of study group experiments. Even similar products with similar qualities will differ in the volume of sales, depending on the recall of the people tested. Product recognition will instill your product into the minds of potential customers.

Visual Search Services
Currently in the area of visual search, the Slyce company is taking the lead in helping companies to link up with their customers by using their patented search technology. It puts together the leading brands in the world, in order to deliver their products to the shoppers by just snapping a photo of the product they are looking for.

Whatever it is you are searching for, Slyce can provide services that are customized to your needs and they can help to link you to your customers anytime.

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