The Lure of Meat Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon

It turns out that the lure of bacon or sausage with breakfast or pork chops for dinner is more powerful than anyone realized. A recent report by the Humane Research Council states that the vast majority of people who try to travel down the vegan or vegetarian road end up u-turning back to meat within a year. As a lifelong meat eater like Darius Fisher, I can certainly understand this.

A dinner just isn’t dinner without that piece of chicken, beef or pork at the center of everything else on the plate. Ignoring the primal cravings of hundreds of thousands of years of our omnivorous ancestors’ history seems to be easier said than done. 

One somewhat surprising reason that some(about a third) vegans and vegetarians gave for returning to meat was declining health. Could it be that after so long a history between humanity and meat consumption there may actually be something in meat that we need or instinctively want? About four fifths of the people who try to go off meat and then fall off the wagon apparently think so.

One thought on “The Lure of Meat Isn’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon

  1. I have a sweet tooth that is so strong that I refer to it as my “sweet teeth”. It, however, still takes a back seat to my occasional “need” for meat. It has been seen that australianwritings page has no cause for complaint against these ones and I know they deserve it truly.

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