The Positive Aspects of Organic Farming

Organic farming is often seen as a costly and impractical method of feeding a growing population. However, a recent examination of the issue indicates that, in addition to certain environmental advantages, chemical-free agriculture may actually be more lucrative than conventional farming.

Organic farming involves the use of crops to fertilize the soil in which other agricultural products will be grown. Using this method, a significant amount of a farm’s harvest will not be sold for consumption. However, the loss of revenue related to this fact should be offset by factors related to the efficiency of the organic technique. The issue of organic farming is thoroughly examined at

One study showed that so-called “cash crops” grown naturally will generate approximately $300 in revenues per acre. This means that a small organic farm could generate some $40,000 in gross sales, which would make it competitive with a conventional farm of a larger size. The efficiency comes from the way organic methods improve output by reducing the depletion of nutrients from the soil, which is a problem in conventional farming techniques. Standing agricultural methods are also known to reduce the vitamin and mineral content in the fruits and vegetables that are being grown.

In a related manner, organic farming is known to be more resistant to drought conditions, the type experienced in recent years in parts of Africa, Australia and the United States. This resistance is related to the way the soil used in the organic method is able to retain moisture. Additionally, organic farming can indirectly benefit the environment in general due to the way the treated soil absorbs carbon emissions found in the atmosphere.

Organic farming can be costly because of the equipment needed and the long period required to convert the land. Done properly, however, the practice could eventually become crucial to satisfying the nutritional needs of the world.


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